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Hire the firm that has handled more Boating Under the Influence cases than any law firm in this state.  In recent years, not only has law enforcement significantly increased their efforts to remove impaired drivers from the roadways, their efforts have increasingly extended to the waterways.  Consequently, those who have chosen to defend those accused of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, must understand and equip themselves with the tools necessary to defend those accused of operating a watercraft while under the influence.  This is especially so in many Puget Sound and Eastern Washington Counties where boating is extremely popular.  The attorneys at Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn have developed extensive skills, through both training and experience, in defending those accused of Boating Under the Influence.

While driving a car after consuming alcohol is increasingly shunned upon by society, boating and drinking is not only socially accepted, but socially expected in most settings.  Boating is a leisure activity, much the same as camping, RVing, skiing, golfing and other activities traditionally enjoyed in Washington state.  The use of alcohol is traditionally part of the social aspect to each of these activities which attracts more and more participants each year.  While society has not yet cried out to cease drinking on the lake on a sunny Saturday in July, law enforcement is increasingly treating BUI as if it were a zero tolerance crime.  While law enforcement's efforts have certainly increased in recent years, aggressive and innovative advocacy can greatly improve the likelihood of bringing about a favorable outcome to your BUI case.  This entire website is dedicated to assisting those who have been accused or charged with Operating a Vessel Under the Influence.  Here you will find answers to many of your question, but will certainly have more.  Contact us today.

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At Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn, there is a combined experience of over 75 years defending DUIs, and each lawyer has extensive training, not only in the science of breath and blood testing, they have hands on experience with the DataMaster, the breath testing device used in the state of Washington, and have one of the devices in their library, and they have lectured to other lawyers both in Washington and around he country on how to deal with that machine in court.

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