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We Wrote the Book

We Wrote the Book on BUI Defense in the State of Washington

Managing Partner, William Kirk, is the only legal author, in the State of Washington, on the area of BUI defense.  His chapter on Defending BUIs in the Washington treatise "Defending DUIs in Washington" (Lexis/Nexis Publishing) is the only known scholarly journal on how to defend those accused of Boating Under the Influence.  The challenges presented by boating cases are far different from those encountered in the DUI setting.  For this reason, Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn has intentionally been the leader in BUI Defense for over 40 years now.

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The only way to avoid a BUI is to not drink and then captain a vessel.  But we understand that bad things can happen to good people.  We are here to help.  If you have been arrested for Boating Under the Influence, contact the law firm that has handled more BUI cases than any law firm in the State of Washington.  Call us today at 425.822.1220.  

    Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn


    At Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn, there is a combined experience of over 75 years defending DUIs, and each lawyer has extensive training, not only in the science of breath and blood testing, they have hands on experience with the DataMaster, the breath testing device used in the state of Washington, and have one of the devices in their library, and they have lectured to other lawyers both in Washington and around he country on how to deal with that machine in court.

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    Experience, knowledge, commitment, passion and integrity: that is what Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn are about. That is what they are known for, and it is why you should contact them for an initial consultation.