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Defending DUIs in Washington, Third Edition

Defending DUIs in Washington, Third Edition offers step-by-step instructions for every detail of the law that applies to a drunk driving case—from the moment the police officer initiates the stop, through trial and appeal. This leading Washington reference allows practitioners to have “at their fingertips” the case citations, court rules, and statutes to plan the defense, prepare pretrial motions, support or overcome objections, and obtain favorable evidentiary rulings. The discussion is packed with winning strategies and tactics to maximize the chance of a successful defense.                                                                  An officer must have what is referred to as "reasonable suspicion" to believe you have violated some law in order to make a traffic stop. Random stops, stops based on "a hunch," and roadblocks are not legal in Washington.

Some highlights of the new third edition include:

  • New chapter covering boating under the influence, including discussion of civil administrative coast guard hearings in BUI cases, the hearing process, and mandatory criminal penalties.
  • New chapter covering drug recognition experts, including DRE protocol and DRE training and certification, and pretrial preparation where a DRE officer is involved.
  • Extensive revisions to the discussions of direct examination of the defense expert and the BAC Verifier Datamaster.
  • Newly added analysis on immigration consequences of a DUI conviction; federal DUIs committed on federal property under the Assimilative Crimes Act; the Interstate Compact on Adult Supervision, which became effective in July 2005; and consequences to the commercial driver.
  • Incorporation of extensive case law from around the country where stops for routine traffic infractions have been held not to support a DUI stop.

With Defending DUIs in Washington, you'll gain the confidence you need to overcome the prosecutorial advantage. A complete appendix of forms gives you a starting point for drafting your own fee agreements and pleadings. You'll also learn how to obtain the documents you need to build a topnotch defense.

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