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Why Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn

Couldn't Have Made a Better Choice

Bill was recommended to me by a trusted local attorney. (I live 300 miles from the Seattle area) I couldn't have made a better choice. In the Administrative Hearing Bill raised enough questions about the arrest, that the Administrator gave me the benefit of the doubt. In watching Bill's dealings on my behalf in the Municipal Court, it was obvious that his knowledge of the Court, the prosecutors, staff, and judges helped him negotiate the best possible outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill to anyone facing a similar situation.”
– Bill W.

Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn


At Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn, there is a combined experience of over 75 years defending DUIs, and each lawyer has extensive training, not only in the science of breath and blood testing, they have hands on experience with the DataMaster, the breath testing device used in the state of Washington, and have one of the devices in their library, and they have lectured to other lawyers both in Washington and around he country on how to deal with that machine in court.

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Experience, knowledge, commitment, passion and integrity: that is what Cowan Kirk Kattenhorn are about. That is what they are known for, and it is why you should contact them for an initial consultation.